Soocial's Web-to-Phone Contact Syncing In Public Beta, Works With Outlook And Blackberry

When we came across contact management and synchronization service Soocial earlier this year, we said it made Plaxo look lame. The Holland-based startup is waving the private beta phase goodbye later today and is switching to public beta mode, which means you won’t have to wait anymore if you wish to try out the service.

In essence, Soocial enables you to sync contacts (and contacts only) between computers, over 400 types of mobile phones and web applications like Gmail and Highrise. Soocial also provide tools to manage these contacts, backups, and keeps your current address book in sync and up to date with all your devices. Up until now, the service only supported the Mac OS X Address Book client.

Later today, at the Under the Radar conference in San Francisco, Soocial will announce support for Outlook and Blackberry, which will evidently make the service far more appealing to business users. They will have to be patient, though, as the release of the Blackberry client is planned for the coming weeks, while the Outlook version is considered an alpha release.

CEO Stefan Fountain says Soocial aims to become “the address book for the internet-as-an-operating-system”. He added that future plans for Soocial include widening their platform support to popular services like Windows Live, Yahoo Mail, LinkedIn and devices like the iPhone.

If you want to find out more, check out this video of Fountain’s presentation at FOWA London, recorded last month.

Soocial is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and has raised 300,000 Euros from angel investors. The company was founded in November, 2006 by Stefan Fountain and Daniel Spronk.
Hassle Free from Soocial on Vimeo.