Get A Photorealistic Life-size Head Sculpture For $2,000

The aptly named ThatsMyFace will take two photos of you head – one frontal and one profile, and a couple of hours late will have a full 3D model of your head. They’ll show you all kinds of fun stuff, like what you’ll look like at 60 or if you were a different race. They’ll also give you an “attractiveness rating” (I see Facebook App potential here).

But by far the coolest part of the service is the sculpture area. They’ll create up to a life size head sculpture for you with a 3D printer, for the exceptionally reasonable price of $2,000 (smaller sizes are much cheaper).

This is, of course, the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything, and a stalker’s dream come true (assuming they can get two pictures of whoever they’re stalking). It’s also perfect for TechCrunch readers, which is why we begged until they agreed to let us give one of these away for free.

Tell us why you must have this in the comments (use your real email), and whoever gives the most entertaining reason wins (you also have to agree that it’s ok for us to post a picture of the final product). You get the $299 version, which is a life-sized face mask shown in the pictures and the video below (skip to the end, and turn the sound down, trust me):