TomTom and Radio Shack launch GO 630 GPS unit

Radio Shack is gaining yet another exclusive GPS model after the Motorola and NAVIGON units. The TomTom Go 630 seems similar in specs to the GO 720 with even the same $399 price.

  • IQ Routes Technology
  • Advance Lane Guidance
  • Access to TomTom MapShare
  • Text-to-Soeech
  • 4.3-inch widescreen
  • Bluetooth handsfree call

Side note about why Radio Shack is selling “exclusive” models after the break.

Price matching. I worked in retail for a long time and I can tell you that price matching is why Radio Shack is selling exclusive GPS units with similar specs as other models. Radio Shack rarely wins in price wars and hardly ever matches the price of a cheaper retailer. Now that they have a similar model, but with a different model number though, the issue disappears.

The conversation between a customer and Radio Shack worker would go like this:

Nice customer lady

“Best Buy has this TomTom GPS unit on sale for $349 this week. Can you match the price?”

Radio Shack tool

“Actually, we sell an exclusive version that comes with special features like a slightly brighter screen and a longer windshield mount so, no, I cannot match the price but you are going to want to spend the extra coin to buy this one anyway. Besides, it’s a different model number.”