Nokia E63 review units show up before it's even announced

In a move that’s a bit removed from the standard procedure we’ve come to know from Nokia (and every other mobile company, for that matter), the Nokia E63 has made its first authorized debut by way of review units shipped out from Nokia’s WOM World blogger relations group. That’s right: the device hasn’t even been announced yet, and a few lucky bloggers out there are already pawing at it in the comfort of their own home.

While companies will occasionally send review stuff out a bit early if the device’s shelf date is particularly close to the announcement day, there’s usually an embargo in place to keep us from talking about it until after it’s been formally announced. As long as none of the folks who are posting about this are breaking embargo to do so, it looks like Nokia may be toying with the protocol a bit to shave down some of the more trivial aspects. Sounds good to us!

[Via Symbian Guru, Pic via Rob’s Digital Life]