FriendFeed Over IM: Kill Me Now

For those of you who use FriendFeed and are looking for even more information bombardment in your lives, you can now receive every update via instant message. FriendFeed now supports notifications and posting for Google Talk and Jabber. So if it is not enough for you to visit the site 12 times a day, or keep updated via a desktop client, or get your feed in your e-mail, you can now turn on the information spigot even more.

FriendFeed ultimately is a communication platform, so adding IM was inevitable. But please kill me now. Just the thought of getting a ping every 30 seconds when anyone I follow on FriendFeed decides to Twitter, blog, add a photo to Flickr, share something on Google Reader, or any of the dozens of other actions across the Web FriendFeed monitors is overwhelming. I need less noise in my life, not more noise.

Luckily, the IM features has some settings that allow you to control what sorts of messages you want to receive through that channel. For instance, you can set it so that you only get IMed when someone comments on one of your posts. I’m sure this will become a very popular feature. (FriendFeed also recently started adding maps into the feed whenever geo-data is available, which is very cool but you need to go to the site to see it—another reason not to go the IM route).