T-Mobile announces holiday line-up, gives away plane tickets

Word of T-Mobile’s Holiday line-up just came down the wire, and it doesn’t look like they’ve kept any Christmas surprises up their sleeve. Anything that hasn’t been announced officially has been leaked for a few weeks now, so this pretty much just serves as one big confirmation.

  • Motorola ZN5: Pictured on right. Announced and released 2 days ago. It’s a quadband candy bar. While it doesn’t have 3g capabilities, it does have WiFi and a 5 megapixel camera with xenon flash. Not too shabby for $99 on a two year bloodpact.
  • Cameo: Leaked a month ago. It’s a $100 7-inch digital picture frame with its own SIM card and number. Send pictures to it via picture message, and they show up on the frame. Cool idea, but the $10-dollars-a-month fee seems a bit steep. Available in “the coming weeks”
  • Samsung Behold: Leaked last month. For those who follow Samsung’s overseas lineup, it’s essentially an F480. Touchscreen display, TouchWiz user interface, 3G, Bluetooth, and a-GPS. Last we heard, it’ll hit the shelves for $149 on November 10th
  • Samsung Gravity: We haven’t said too much about this one, but it’s not a well kept secret. It’s a nice little QWERTY slider with specs that keep it accessible on a budge – when they list “Phone book” and “Vibrating alerts” as features, you know it won’t break the bank. You can grab one for $49.99 on a 2 year deal starting November 17th.

Of course, they’ll also be pushing the T-Mobile G1 and the BlackBerry Pearl Flip throughout the season.

To help up the sales numbers, they’re also giving away complimentary “companion tickets” to fly you around the country this holiday. Rather than confusing anybody and botching their legalese, I’ll just quote the deal straight from the release:

With the Free Companion Flight promotion, T-Mobile is offering complimentary companion plane tickets from Nov. 19 through Dec. 24, 2008 to new and existing customers who sign up for a two-year service agreement. Those on a family plan will receive a companion ticket for each line of their family plan, up to five tickets, so it’s easy for the whole family to enjoy a trip together.

Companion tickets have no blackout dates, provide travel to and from more than 100 origination and destination cities, and are good for a year (travel must be completed by Feb. 15, 2010).

While I doubt anyone most people would be crazy enough to sign a 2 year contract just for one free “companion” ticket, it certainly sweetens the deal a bit if you were looking to nab a new device from T-Mobile anyway.