CrunchDeals: BlackBerry Bold for Free

I’ve never purchased a phone from an online retailer before, so I’m a bit skeptical of this screaming deal over at Letstalk, but if $300 is too steep a price to pay for the Bold (review) then you’d be out of your mind not to scoop this up. The starting price on Letstalk is $100 cheaper than AT&T and they’re even offering free shipping.

With any MIR, you have to abide by the specific rules or you get screwed, but like I said, you’re still paying a $100 less than you would if you purchased through AT&T. You won’t actually see the $200 rebate for 8 to 10 weeks assuming you don’t break your contract of sticking with AT&T for two years. This offer is only valid for new lines and your monthly plan has to be more than $60.

They’re even offering the Bold as an upgrade for $150 with a contract extension or for $250 without the contract extension.

Anyway, here’s the terms and conditions for the $200 MIR.

$199.99 LetsTalk mail-in rebate
Purchase select AT&T phones from or any of our affiliated partners and retailers online or through our customer service department and receive a $199.99 mail-in rebate when you activate new AT&T service on a service plan of $59.99 per month or more. Offer Qualifications and Restrictions: This mail-in rebate is exclusive to and LetsTalk’s affiliated online retailers and partners and is not available in any stores or carrier websites. This mail-in rebate applies only to individual plans or line 1 of a family plan This mail-in rebate requires a new 2 year service agreement. Certain other rate plans may not apply. Failure to maintain the minimum qualifying service plan for 181 days will invalidate the rebate. Rebate form will be made available for customer to download after order completion and fulfillment.

1. Print & submit a copy of the rebate form. A customized version of your rebate form is available for download via our Rebate Center. There is a unique form for each phone purchased. Please double check to make sure you have all the right forms. Also, if you changed your cell phone number, please be sure to indicate your new cell phone number on the rebate form. Without these numbers, we will not be able to complete your rebate!
2. Submit a copy of your Proof of Purchase Receipt. You have a few options for your proof of purchase; you can use the Packing Slip that was included with your shipment or print a copy of the Receipt via our Rebate Center.
3. Attach a copy of the GREY barcode sticker (located on the bottom of your equipment box) to the space provided on the rebate form.
4. Submit a copy of your 4th month carrier bill. The bill must show that you have made payment and that “all outstanding balance” has been paid in full (Please circle this section on the bill).
5. Ensure that you have everything and make copies for your records. Then mail the required paperwork to the address indicated on the rebate form. USE SEPARATE ENVELOPES IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING MULTIPLE REBATES.

NOTE: Your rebate submission must be postmarked between 120 days and 180 days or we will be unable to process your rebate request

Terms & Conditions
Please allow 8-10 weeks after submission for check processing. Equipment serial and cell phone numbers will be verified as active on our system prior to rebate being fulfilled.

Enjoy Now!