Review: Medis 24/7 Power Pack fuel cell charger

Short Version: The Medis 24/7 Power Pack makes for a good, easy-to-use emergency charging kit to keep in the car or for use anywhere without access to conventional power. At $30 to $50, it’s relatively inexpensive as long as you use it sparingly.


Overview and Features

  • Uses fuel cell technology: this isn’t a device that you need to initially charge in order to recharge something else. It’s got power built into it from the get-go. Conversely, once you’ve used up all the fuel, you’ll need to buy more (around $20).
  • Simple activation process ensures you don’t accidentally start using up juice until you need it.
  • Comes with USB, mini-USB, Motorola, and Nokia adapter tips. More are available.
  • Starts around $30. Replacement fuel costs around $20. Fuel is good for about 60-80 hours of music playback or 30 hours of cell phone talk time. So figure about five cell phone recharges to be on the safe side.
  • There’s also an “XTREME” version that sells for $50 and includes a rechargeable connector that plugs into the fuel cell pack for double-charging, effectively. The fuel cell charges the connector cable, which has a small battery inside of it. That cable connects to your devices and can charge them even when disconnected from the fuel cell.

It’s good for…

…emergency situations, like if you get stuck in a blizzard in your car for a couple days and need to recharge your cell phone to make emergency calls. It’s perfect for that. Also, camping and anywhere else that you might need to keep doodads powered up without access to conventional power. Charging time is quick, too. I was able to recharge the Samsung Rant from dead to full battery in under an hour and a half.

Not so good for…

…taking to the beach to keep your phone and/or iPod charged. Sure, you can use it for that but you’re basically spending about $3 to $5 each time you recharge one of your devices. Also, since the Power Pack contains liquid fuel, you’ll want to be careful about where you store it. The company recommends operating temperatures of between 32 and 104 degrees, so don’t leave it sitting on your dashboard all summer.

Shelf life could be an issue, too. Medis claims the Power Pack will last up to 18 months unopened and, once activated, the fuel is only good for up to three months.


The Medis 24/7 Power Pack is a great example of fuel cell technology finally making its way into consumers’ hands. Like all new-ish technologies it’s still a bit expensive for everyday use but as an emergency power source, the Power Pack is a great option.

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