BD+ Blu-ray copy protection cracked (again)


Slysoft cracked the BD+ Blu-ray copy protection either a year ago or six months ago (depending on what you consider “cracked.”) That’s all well and good, but it’s not an open source solution; if you wanted to incorporate Blu-ray playback in your indie media player (like VLC or mplayer, which is my favorite) you’d be S.O.L.


The guys at the Doom9 forum, which is like the Illuminati of video discussion, appear to have cracked that same BD+ copy protection. The actual discussion thread is fairly thick in jargon, but if you’re so inclined it’s pretty gosh darn fascinating.

The long and short of it: the Doom9 guys cracked BD+ by recreated a BD+ virtual machine in software. With crack in hand, this opens up the possibility of Blu-ray playback in Linux and other open source solutions.

Will it savethe format? When you can stream Netflix right to your TV, when you can “tolerate” upconverted standard DVDs there’s little reason to fork over so much money to jump aboard the Blu-ray train.

via ZDNet