How to ease your girlfriend into liking beer (plus bonus grammar challenge!)


I’d say 90 percent of the staff here is one weekend bender away from a one-way trip to the Betty Ford Center.

But beer doesn’t merely ruin lives, no sir. It can, apparently, ruin relationships, too! That is, unless you follow the advice of The Frisky, a new women’s site that was just brought to my attention. They’ve put together a list of 10 so-called “gateway beers*” that your better half will enjoy.

For example, Red Stripe is described as a “lager-style beer that has a cola-like thickness, no wonder it’s brewed by a former soft drink manufacturer. It also has a faint hint of molasses making it not too sweet and not too bitter.”

See, all your relationship troubles can be solved by simply knowing what beer to incorporate into the mix. I recommend Corona without the lime: I concede you’re not doing anyone any favors by drinking Corona to begin with, but if you use a lime you’re walking in with a loss.

*We had a spirited debate in the official CrunchGear chat room as to how you pluralize the word “beer.” I brought up that you don’t say, “Oh, look, there’s two deers on my lawn.” Right? So why would you say, “Give me two beers” even though “beers,” here, sounds more natural than “beer.” All of us tried to figure this out, but we’re no closer to an answer. The assumption right now is that there’s no “right” answer. As such, we’re open to any suggestions or opinions you might have on this topic. Clearly this is the most important matter of the day and needs to be resolved.