Alienware M17: When a 17-inch laptop outperforms your desktop (for a price)


Dell-owned Alienware has released another gaming laptop that might interest some of you. It’s the M17, and it has that quad-core mobile processor, the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300. It also has CrossFireX, which is AMD’s fancy name for dual GPUs. As such, with two Mobility Radeons HD 3870, video memory goes up to 1GB. That’s quite a bit, and maybe just enough to get Crysis running at full speed.

As the name implies, it’s got a 17-inch display whose resolution tops out at 1920×1200.


What separates the men from the boys here is price. Yes, the M17 starts, technically, at $1,399, which isn’t unreasonable for a 17-inch laptop, but outfitting it with all that high-tech wunder isn’t exactly cheap. The QX9300 processor adds $1,200 to the base price and dual GPUs adds a further $250 to the mix. Then again, we all know PC gaming—let alone laptop PC-based gaming isn’t for the miserly man.