The FeedRoom Updates Enterprise Video Platform

Fresh on the heels of being dropped as the premier video platform for The in favor of Brightcove, The FeedRoom has unveiled the latest iteration of its enterprise video platform.

The release of FeedRoom 4.0 Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) was announced at the 2008 Forrester Consumer Forum. The platform is built on two key components: FeedRoom ContentCore, which acts as a central content repository, and FeedRoom Studio, an Adobe Flex-powered dashboard for managing online videos. FeedRoom 4.0 EVP supports all previous FeedRoom solutions, allowing existing customers to migrate to the new platform easily over time.

The FeedRoom’s SaaS offerings are deployed in a bunch of large organizations, including General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Barnes & Noble and ESPN. The company is one of the oldest players in the game (founded in 1999) and competes against Brightcove, KIT digital and and many others.

The NY-based company recently announced it raised $12 million in a round led by NewSpring Capital and including previous investors BEV Capital and Velocity Equity Partners. That last round brought its total funding to a whopping $66 million in venture and debt (at least).