Fallout 3 now available, ads pulled, don't even think about killing kids

It’s been a ridiculously long time since Fallout 2 hit the scene (10 years ago) and available today is Bethesda’s much hyped and highly anticipated RPG Fallout 3. Thousands of retailers stayed open into the early morning last night to quench gamers thirsts for destruction and gore. Some folks in DC didn’t take too kindly to the ads because they depicted our nation’s capital in a decrepit and post-apocalyptic nature. To them I say, “get over it.” The game takes place in 2277 and it’s just, you know, a game! NYC keeps getting bombed and terrorized in movies, but you don’t see the residents of this fine city bitching and moaning about it.

On a related note, game trailers have been pulled from multiple sites for not complying with ESRB guidelines.

In connection with ESRB’s advertising guidelines, you are instructed to remove immediately any of our Fallout 3 trailers from your website, pending further notice.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.


What a bunch of babies. Oh, you won’t be able to shoot babies/kids in Fallout 3 either because of the M-rating, says Emil Pagliarulo.

Fallout 3 is an M-rated game—made for adults. Its violence is over-the-top and has been a central focus of not only our game, but the entire franchise. This is a series that in previous installments allowed players to kill children, right? When Bethesda first started developing Fallout 3, we had early conversations about whether you’re going to be able to blow the kids’ heads off . (Let’s be clear, with the ESRB’s rating system, that’s not something that would fly anyway.)

And here comes the struggle again: At the end of the day, I feel like I’m an adult and I’m conscious of my buying decisions. I’m not making a game for an eight-year-old; I’m making a game for a 38-year-old like me, so I’m okay with the content. It’s really tough for me because I am an adult who likes to play M-rated games, and so are many of the people reading this article, as well as many of those who’ve been following the development of Fallout 3 since day one.

Maybe it’s arrogant to think this way, but damn it, it’s my god-given right to blow guys’ heads off if I want to in my videogames!

Cheers to that, Emil!

Who played Fallout and/or Fallout 2 on the PC? Are you getting Fallout 3?