New Yahoo Developer Tools Coming Tomorrow

Last week Yahoo invited a group of reporters to its Brickhouse offices in San Francisco to discuss its open strategy in general and to announce that a set of new developer tools were coming in the following week.

Well, it’s that following week and we just received word that these tools go live tomorrow morning. Yahoo will provide details at that point in a blog post, but from what we learned last week, we can expect a sandbox for developers to start building social applications (based on the Open Social spec) that can later be placed across Yahoo’s properties.

These properties include My Yahoo, profile pages, and the Yahoo homepage itself, among other locations. There will also be a “data updates” system that pushes social notifications around from website to website (much like Facebook Beacon, except more extensive), as well as an API that lets developers pull Yahoo profile data onto 3rd party sites (much like Facebook Connect).

Expect documentation for all of this to get released here.