Screenshots of Walmart's New MP3-Only Store

It looks like Walmart has soft-launched it’s DRM-free MP3 store. The company decided to ditch its DRM approach, but then got into hot water with consumers once they figured out that Walmart was going to be taking down the servers they used to manage all the DRM rights. No servers, meant that they wouldn’t be able to listen to the songs they had legally purchased. So Walmart had to reverse course and is now keeping those servers up. I love it. DRM servers are already a legacy technology. (They should just swap all of their previous customer’s DRM songs for new MP3 versions).

Anyway, the MP3 store is now up without any announcement that I could find. Did they change the look? I seem to remember it being a little different. Come on, it’s okay to admit you shop for MP3s at Walmart. I do. Each song is five cents cheaper there!