World’s biggest atlas weighs 70 pounds, costs $3500

earthbook The holidays are fast approaching and if you’re looking for great stocking-stuffer ideas, don’t forget about this $3,500 atlas that weighs almost 70 pounds.

It’s simply called "Earth" — 576 pages, 154 maps, and 800 photos along with four six-feet by four-feet fold-outs make up the contents of what Millennium House, the book’s publisher, is calling the biggest atlas ever. Kinda makes you wonder if the publisher of the second biggest atlas might be planning some sort of retaliation.

To keep things interesting, Millennium House will only publish 3,000 copies of the atlas. There will be 2,000 standard versions selling at $3,500 each and 1,000 gold versions selling at close to $5,500. According to CNN, "this deluxe version, with its gold leather, gold gilding, and gold plated corners will attract corporate buyers and wealthy individuals." Maybe AIG will buy a few now that they’ve got a little cash.