Qik ported to J2ME, no longer limited to smartphones and PDAs


In a rather monumental move in the mobile livecasting battle, Qik has announced that they are the first to have ported their streaming application to the J2ME platform. Why is this important? It opens the doors to feature phones – that is, handsets that wouldn’t fit under the smartphone/PDA umbrella

While the application will still have to be tweaked, polished, and tested on a handset-by-handset basis, this paves the way for mobile streaming on the billions of non-smartphone handsets around the world.

Right off the bat, they’ve announced Alpha support for a number of Nokia S40 and Sony Ericsson JP-8 handsets:

Nokia handsets now supported: 5300, 6300, 6500 classic, 6500 slide, Nokia 6555, Nokia 8800 Arte

Sony Ericsson handsets now supported: K850, K858, W890, W910, W908, K660, G502, Z750

They’re also looking for testers for a number of Nokia handsets – if you’ve got a Nokia or two laying around, check out this blog post to see if you can help verify compatibility.