New MacBook Pro models announced

Apple just announced the latest upgrade to the storied MacBook Pro lineup and boy are they sweet. Right away you should notice the two-tone look of an iMac combined with the stylings of a first-gen MacBook Air.

Gone is the trackpad button and now the entire pad clicks – not touch to click, like the entire pad pushes down and click. Also, this new trackpad is made out of glass for silky smooth movement and supports multi-touch gestures. 

The matte screen option is gone and so everyone is going to be rock’n an instant-on LED LCD screen.

Intel is still powering the MBPs with the Core 2 Duo CPU, but NVIDIA now takes care of the graphics with two different GPU options: The GeForce 9400M and the 9600M GT. The GT flavor packs 32 parallel graphics cores with 512 MB of video memory all running at 120 Gigaflops for graphic heavy work but the 9400 has your back for mundane daily tasks. All that power reduces the battery life to 4 hours rather than the 9400’s options 5-hour life. 

It seems that all this hoopla is only for a 15.4-inch model as ‘ol Steve-O didn’t announce any upgrades to the 17-inch model or drop a much-wanted (at least by us here at CrunchGear) 13.3-inch model. This model is going to start at $1999 for a 2GB DDR3 memory option with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo along with 250GB HDD. 

The $2499 option buys you 4GBs of ram along with a quicker 2.53 Core 2 Duo CPU. 

Hands-on to come shortly…