NEC Japan sells supercute, pink Hello Kitty-notebook

NEC today announced in Japan [JP] it has teamed up with Sanrio (the company behind the Hello Kitty brand) and French fashion designer Courrèges to develop a girls-only notebook for the Japanese market. The so-called “NEC LaVie G Hello Kitty Courrèges” will be available online and in selected Sanrio shops only [JP].

The Vista notebook will feature an AMD Athlon QL-60 processor (1.90GHz), a 13.3-inch WXGA screen (1280×800 resolution), a DVD drive, 2GB of main memory and a 160GB hard disk.

If you are interested in the Hello Kitty-notebook and have someone who can order it for you in Japan, you should hurry: Order by October 28th, and NEC will throw in a mouse and mouse pad in Hello Kitty style as an extra present.

The Nippon-only notebook will be available from October 25 (price: $1,100 without MS Office).