Jag.ag brings efficient mobile site creation to the masses

If the future of the web is the mobile web, then mobile site creation is going to be a big thing. A few services have already spotted the opportunity but Jag.ag a new service coming out from Israel has a very interesting product approach that could make it stand out.

Just to makes things clear i am not referring to technologies that are porting existing websites to mobile devices like Mofuse (for RSS publishers’ usage), Infogin (another israeli startup for existing websites adaptation to mobile) or Momac (operator service). Jag.ag and its competitors like Zinadoo or Wirenode are enabling non tech audiences to create their own mobile presence in a few steps/minutes.

Unlike its competitors, Jag.ag offers you to start your page creation without the necessity to open an account which is a good driver to conversion. You first land on a WYSIWYG simple interface with where you can compose your page. The editor includes a gallery of content you can add which is not really of the highest quality for now but that will be fed over time with better items. The interesting part is the “web grabber” which lets you capture part of the web with a very slick drag and drop interface and that integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr and Google (any mobile service like maps)

Once your mobile page is done (at this stage you still don’t have to open an account) you just need to set a mobile URL.jag.ag (in our example http://techcrunch.jag.ag) and finalize the creation of your account by simply adding your email and mobile phone. You receive then an SMS and a credit of 30 SMS to invite your friends (the URL can be sent by email). Your site is then accessible freely and hosted by Jag.ag. The rendering should be fine with most mobile devices.

Jag.ag can be used to create mobile sites, mobile greetings and mobile invitations although i am not so sure about the relevancy of this last category since invitations tend to need more features like RSVP management. You can easily imagine how this platform could be used to other purposes (professional presence, advertising,…). If you already have a mobile site you can import if into Jag.ag. A Wap editor is also available although i don’t believe this will have strong adoption for obvious reasons as lack of conveniency. Overall the service is good but the home page design, the content selection and the editor ergonomy could still be improved.

Jag.ag is only a few months in the air but shows already strong adoption from those who came across the site tells me Lior Netzer the CEO of Jag.ag. The company has not raised money from VCs. It is supported by Arik Czerniak (who co founded the company and is a board member) who co-founded and recently left MetaCafe. Some first class angels are supporting this project. The company is betting, rightly so, that many will need a mobile presence, ad hoc casual or professional and that Jag.ag will be a good solution for them. Jag.ag can also be seen as a better alternative to SMS/MMS. The business model can be easily guessed since we are talking about a web to mobile service: premium services and SMS credits for different actions and features will be part of the recipe.

For those who were wondering where this name is coming from: just take your mobile phone and write the URL on it: single clicks and easy memorization (5-2-4-0-2-4)