My tale of a pleasant experience with a Comcast rep [Update: I'm back to hating Comcast]

I had been dreading this call all day. I was going to have to dial-up Comcast and attempt to order a couple of Cable Cards for a TiVo HD XL and I wasn’t looking forward to the ensuing conversations. To my absolute surprise though, the call went well.

The billing specialist listened to my needs, recommended the right solution which happened to be two cable cards and didn’t try to rape me on the price. I simply have never had such a pleasant experience with a Comcast tool before. Even when he offered Comcast Digital Voice and found out that I had been a Vonage subscriber for five years, he didn’t keep forcing the issue – first that has ever happened.

So to the Comcast billing specialist that wasn’t bitchy and rude, thank you. Hopefully more of your fellow associates follow your lead.

Update: I’m back to hating Comcast more than anything else in the world. Anything. The dude mentioned above that I could pick up my Cable Cards at my local Comcast office today. So I just went up there only to be told that, no, they cannot give ’em to me and they were going to charge me $35 to install them on Wednesday. Gawd, I hate Comcast. Superman and Lex Luther are tighter buds than I and Comcast.

$35 isn’t that much, but it’s the fact Comcast earned a bit of respect after the my pleasant conversation early today, only to lose every last bit of it with a visit to my local Comcast office.