Mugen Peri Peri: Experience the feeling of opening shipping envelopes over and over again

When do you know that a given country, in this case Japan, is totally saturated with gadgets? When one of its companies, in this case Bandai, releases a combination of a cell phone strap and a mini toy that lets you relive the unforgettable experience of opening shipping envelopes or cardboard boxes.

The so-called Mugen Peri Peri [JP] even features a built-in speaker for a number of different sound effects (cat mode, roulette mode, bingo mode etc.). Don’t ask me why.

With the Peri Peri, Bandai continues its Mugen (Endless) toy series, which so far includes a bubble wrap and soy bean popping simulator.

Priced at $10, the Peri Peri will hit Japanese stores in late November. People not living in Nippon can pre-order the toy in this online shop (English).

Watch Bandai’s unbelievable official promotion video below.