MyPunchbowl 2.0 Launches With Gorgeous Custom Invitation Editor

MyPunchbowl, an eVite competitor that opened its doors early last year, has launched a ‘2.0’ version of its site that features a revamped interface and a very impressive custom electronic invitation creator.

MyPunchbowl CEO Matt Douglas says that his team has integrated improvements throughout the site for the new release, including an enhanced address book, the ability to send test invites (to make sure they appear correctly in mail clients), and various UI changes. And while these features are welcome additions to the site, the site’s most significant release is easily its invitation Design Studio.

Douglas, who worked at Adobe for years, says that his team has created a card designer that is similar in many ways to Adobe’s Photoshop. While the designer has a very intuitive and simple interface, it allows users to manipulate layer opacity, color, and texture with very little effort. Users are offered a library of pre-made cards as well as some basic templates, all of which can be customized to include user-defined text, fonts, and colors. While many users will simply choose one of the pre-fabricated cards, the flexibility afforded by the designer will definitely appeal to a large portion of MyPunchbowl’s userbase.

Of course, these cards will only appear in Email form for now, but Douglas says that the company is in talks with major printers. While there a many other places to get custom cards printed, the ability to send both electronic and traditional invites (especially ones that look so nice) could give MyPunchbowl a leg up on its many competitors.