BlackBerry Media Sync coming to Macs

After years of clamoring from Mac users who feel a bit left out in terms of software support, it looks like RIM is finally getting on the ball. BoyGenius has managed to get his hands on an early edition of BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac, and all is lookin’ … well, early.

It’s limited to playlist and music library syncing at the moment, without much in the way of video, photo, or item-by-item management. We can probably expect the final software to be a bit more polished and feature-packed. It wouldn’t exactly fit under the “Media” umbrella, but it’d be nice to see contacts, calendars, and the like thrown in there for the sake of keeping all syncing tasks within one application.

With the Storm being prepped to go head-to-head with the iPhone, it’s not a bad idea for RIM to be showing a bit of love to the folks who may have just a tad more Apple brand loyalty.