BlackBerry Storm User Guide leaked

With there still being about a month more to wait before the BlackBerry Storm hits the shelves (be it that the early November launch rumors hold true), what can anxious soon-to-be Storm owners do to pass the time?

They could write haikus, comparing their love for the Storm’s touchscreen to a springtime breeze. They could also make a papercraft version of the BlackBerry Storm, jam their current phone inside, and try to convince people they have a prototype model. Or they could not be weird, instead using that time to dig through the 17 pages of BlackBerry Storm User Guide goodness that the Boy Genius just managed to finagle.

It covers just about all of the basics you’d need to know to tap your way around the Storm: Video recording, creating voices notes and playlists, utilizing the GPS, using the browser and calendar, etc. if you’re planning on picking one up, you might as well be prepped for launch day – plus, all your friends will think that you’re just really, really good at adapting to new phones.