Mac Brick? Apple's fancy new manufacturing process that could revolutionize the industry


Big rumor this weekend, which makes you wonder why it emerged during the weekend and not the workweek. Be that as it may…

Apple is looking to construct, or already has, its own ultra modern manufacturing facility. A fancy factory, in English. Names being thrown around include Brick, MacBrick, or variations thereof. The facility would make use of, among other high-tech innovations, laser and water cutting of materials like aluminum—perhaps for the new MacBook? This is what 9 to 5 Mac claims, and the rumor has been buzzing around for the past few hours.

Such a facility would be owned and operated by Apple, and not its traditional manufacturing partners in Asia. (Computerworld even speculates that it would be located somewhere in the United States, powered by all sorts of renewable energies.) So, should an unfavorable geopolitical situation arise in that part of the world (Asia), the impact on Apple would be minimal.

All of a sudden, that expected October 14 announcement is a lot more interesting. And now fancy magazine writers can now compare Steve Jobs to Henry Ford.