Now You Can Buy Computers Pre-Loaded With Movies


In a move that could start a new wave in PC sales, Dell and Paramount Pictures today announced that they have signed a joint venture that will see “Iron Man” come pre-loaded on Dell computers for anyone who wishes to order the unit.

So far, the details of the deal are a bit disappointing. Paramount is the only studio that has signed on and “Iron Man” is the only film being offered. Dell claims that more titles will eventually be offered during the purchase process, but for now, it looks like Dell and the studios have a “wait and see” attitude to decide if they want to move forward with a broader strategy.

Dell XPS

“Iron Man” will be offered on Dell’s Inspiron, Studio, and XPS models and can be added as an option during the purchasing process. Much like the DVD, the film pre-installed on Dell computers will run you $20 and feature the bonus footage contained on the DVD. More importantly, you can burn the movie onto a DVD, but there’s one catch: you can only do that once.

The option to add “Iron Man” to Dell computers is available now.