"Latino Babies and Social Networking Unaffected by Financial Markets"

With one of the most fascinating PR headlines I’ve seen this year we find ourselves smack in the middle of the perfect Web 2.0 storm: Latinos, babies, and social networks. Introducing Babyspot Latino, a social network for parents of Latino babies or babies of Latino parents. Add in the words “Twitter” and “API” and you’ve got a grand slam.

Don’t get me wrong, this a noble goal. It brings a new voice to baby care to a market traditionally under-served by standard social networks. The site debuted on a Spanish-language talk show featuring cute little shavers capering like cupids and the site will include educational material on baby health and pregnancy along with the standard BabySpot features like photo sharing and group creation.

My main question is how that headline (“Latino Babies and Social Networking Unaffected by Financial Markets – Debuts with Great Success on Univision’s Despierta America“) made it past some PR flak’s absolute bull sensor. Connecting the launch of a Latino baby site with the economic collapse of the free world is probably not the image young mothers from here to Jalisco want to conjure up while dandling junior on their knees.