Cute gets an upgrade: The Tamagotchi goes color

Yes, they are still around and today Bandai announced in Japan [JP] their Tamagotchis are soon even going color. The virtual pet toys became instant worldwide hits, selling around 75 million units between their debut in 1996 and today.

Tamagotchis still must be fed, nurtured and played with by pushing buttons, or else they will die a virtual death. Buyers of the color version get new settings, however, such as kitchens, stores, bathrooms (you can watch your Tamagotchi go on the toilet) or playgrounds. The toy features a 1.52-inch TFT screen (128×128 resolution).

Bandai will start offering the new Tamagotchis in 7 different colors in Japan November 22. There is no word at this point as to bringing the upgrades abroad as well. The company aims at selling a total of 200,000 units (mostly to highschool girls) by the end of march next year. Price in Japan: $48.