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[Update: So I just confirmed with with T-Mobile: One thing that seems to be a dealbreaker that it has no in-built video recording capability, which seems to be an astounding omission. Had the “gPhone” added this, it would have looked pretty good against the iPhone. It can play video through a dedicated YouTube app but, it appears, not inside the browser. Update II: I just confirmed that the browser on the handset does not support Flash or Flash Lite].

I met with T-Mobile’s head of Internet and Entertainment Richard Warmsley, who took me through the key features of the new T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone, made by HTC. I have to say it’s a pretty chunky beast compared to your average mobile, and quite a bit bigger than other smartphones like the Nokia E71 or the iPhone. The interface is quite iPhone-like although you can’t “pinch” to zoom in and out of web pages. One of the killer features demo’d in the US was the acclaimed Compass Street View of Google Maps which won’t work in the UK yet. Applications-wise, the Android App store needs a few more apps to fill it out but I daresay these will come on stream soon enough for the October US launch and the November UK launch.

And here’s video of the Compass app:

  • The Red Rocket

    Nice to get a close up and we’ll see if Apple iPhone opens up a bit after seeing how open the G1 is.

  • DrewPreston

    So to summarise is it a case of iPhone + qwerty keyboard = G1?

  • Jimmy G

    Wow I didn’t realise how much they had copied the iPhone’s Home Screen – “touch and hold to drag icons around”, and “slide across for multiple home screens”. Sounds familiar.

    On the other hand, it’s great that the iPhone has got some serious competition – hopefully this will hurry Apple to get copy and paste in 2.2!

  • Leslie Bunder

    great video Mike and useful to see the phone close up. Quick question.. what are you using these days to make your videos?

  • Josh Russell

    android should be huge, this phone will not. lots of fail..

    freedom of the home screen = messy
    no headphone port
    no usb
    keyboard has to come out to activate landscape mode
    no video capture
    browser looks awkward to use (although need more of demo, i’m sure it’s fine)

    his catch phrase “say what you want to say” for the qwerty keyboard. typical marketing speak, taking the emphasis away something normal and turning it into a differentiator. dude, it’s a keyboard. if it’s quick to “say what you want to say” then why not show us please :)

    the whole thing just looks clunky and fiddly.

    as with most first tries at something, this looks awful, the next ones will be better. android has a huge amount to offer the market, and should shake things up in a good way

  • Kosso

    Apparently, all sycable stuff happens in the cloud though your Google account. AND they say you can ONLY use ONE Google Account. To change it requires a hardware reset!!!! FAIL!

    BUT – they say they are opportunities for developers to build apps to help.

    NO video playback etc on the device either – apart from YouTube (they say)

    Does this mean that the browser supports Flash I wonder??

    I have also heard that when the devices get a new Qualcomm chip, that video processing etc will be possible.

    Good review on ‘obnoxious flaws’ here [Gizmodo]

    • Ian Betteridge

      Of course, you’re missing out the important (big) difference: unlike the iPhone, if you don’t like the built-in media player, you can download another one. There are already video players available on the Android Market.

  • Kosso

    I think this first gen handset should only be considered by developers as reference device, not end-users.
    This will give them a chance to get used to building apps for Android.

    Then, when better spec devices come out, they’ll have a head start.

  • Kosso

    Does the browser support Flash (Lite? etc)?

  • Gadget Freak

    iPhone gestures brought in a new level of (Minority Report like) user interaction.

    The G1 seems to be on the back foot and stepping backwards.

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  • Mike Butcher

    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile and they confirmed that the browser on the handset does not support Flash or Flash Lite.

    • Ian Betteridge

      How long do you think it will be before someone builds support, though?

  • Philip Buxton

    The irony – the sound of your vid doesn’t work on Chrome…

  • steve

    Why would you pay 40 a month for this? It’s a little bit different to standard HTC phones. At least with the iphone you get an ipod.

    I’ll pass

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  • Jon M Bishop

    Ha ha! I love how he quickly sidesteps the fact that the Bonsai game wouldn’t work!

  • Martinez F

    I have had the G1 for a week and I realliy enjoy it. My bro in law has the Iphone we compared and I can say unbiasedly I like my G1 better. Yeah you get an mp3 player with the iphone but you have to buy all the songs and hack it just to get the ones on your computer. I can play vids from my comp and music. If they come out with a flash player or something to play vids in a browser that would be great.

  • cally

    my hubby has google 1 phone and evice says bluetooth discoverable… yet he cant bluetooth and cannot receive via bluetooth…. any ideas ?


  • paul

    i can’t play vids what do i need to down load.?
    what version of flash do i need and where do i get it from

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