Twenty Startups Pool Resources To Recruit Developers

Big tech companies may be preparing to downsize, but startups are still hiring like mad. Particularly engineers.

It’s hard for one startup to get noticed above the crowd, but what if twenty of them pool their resources, hold a competition and throw a five day party for top recruits? That’s the goal of Gnip and 19 other Boulder, Colorado based startups who are pitching in $5,000 each to host a multi-day job fair at the end of October.

Engineers are invited to upload their resumes and apply for 100 spots at the event. The applications will be reviewed by the companies, and a total of 100 people will be invited out for an all-expenses paid three day trip. Twenty applicants are rotated through each day over a five day period, with dinners and parties each night.

I love this idea. And I expect it to be duplicated soon.

Of course, if you aren’t one of the 100 selected attendees, or if Boulder isn’t for you, check out the Crunchboard job board. There are hundreds of startup and tech jobs waiting for you to apply.