Mini digital photo frame and magnetic earphones: Thanko releases two non-crappy gadgets in a row

Our favorite Japanese gadget shop Thanko seems to have learned as the frequency of crappy innovations (USB ass warmer, anyone?) isn’t as high as it used to be in the past months. Following the (possibly) average-quality video glasses, now this: a mini digital photo frame and new earphones.

The so-called Sound Live magnetic earphones [JP] can be clipped to your earlobe like earrings and are actually mini speakers. Similar to the “Sound Lives stereo earphones”, users will still hear sounds from their surroundings (and quite possibly annoy other people). Thanko offers the magnetic earphones in six variations for both music players and PCs (the latter models feature a microphone).

The mini photo frame [JP] is sized at 81x61x15mm (weight: 43g) and can be connected to PCs via USB. It can also be used as a stand-alone frame. The 1.44-inch screen displays up to 75 pictures as JPEGs or BMPs.

The gadgets cost $19 each but are not yet listed in Thanko’s English online shop.