Transformers 2 character, The Fallen revealed – maybe

Images just surfaced which might feature Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen possible main antagonist – The Fallen. We’ll save you the Google’n and give you a little back-story on the evil Cybertronian Tank. 

It seems that this Transformer’s real name was lost overtime and is now know only as “The Fallen.” He was one of the original 13 Transformers that Primus created to inhabit Cybertron with him, but eventually fell into the cohorts with Primus’ eternal archenemy and twin brother, Unicron. 

Originally created to aid entropy along with the aging and disbanding of the new universe, he now represents all the evil and chaos that is Unicron. 

Long story short, he was trapped with Unicron during the first battle with Primus, but a space bridge accident with Optimus Prime and Megatron weakened the barrier enough to allow him to escape back to Cybertron. Once there, the story goes that he recruited other Transformers and was eventually defeated by Primus himself after infiltrating the Well of All Sparks. 

The Fallen’s altmode, while never used in the fiction, is a Cybertronian Tank and those pics are clearly one rock’n tank.

The Internet is abuzz that these pics are really Megatron ’cause one has that lable, but combine what you just read, along with the title of the film, then remember Megatron’s death at the ending of the last movie and tell me that what we are looking at isn’t Unicron’s chief bad-ass acolyte, The Fallen.

Or, it could be Galvatron…or conceptual art…only Bay knows.

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