Helio Ocean II (Oz2) gets the FCC photo treatment

Now that the Ocean 2 has slipped back until January of ’09 at the earliest, we’ve cruised right by the September confidentiality date of the original FCC filing back in March. As a result, a handful of hardware photos and a whole slew of details have made their way out.

Along with the obvious aesthetic similarities, the handset borrows the dual-slide concept of the original Ocean, offering both a number pad and a QWERTY keyboard. It’s got a 2 megapixel shooter, QVGA screen, EVDO 3G, and Bluetooth/microSD support. While the Ocean II still rocks the Helio logo in these shots, it’s up in the air whether or not Virgin Mobile will be swapping their own branding in now that they’ve acquired the company.

Check out all the shots after the jump.

[Via Phonescoop]