Facebook, Google, FriendFeed (Who Else?) Dive Into Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ok, it’s clever. Facebook added a translated version of the site today in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day. But instead of seeing Facebook in French or Esperanto, you can see Facebook in “Pirate.” Just go here and select English (Pirate).

Your Profile is now “Me.” Your Friends are now “Me Hearties.” Your status box asks “What arrr ye doin’ right now?” Applications are now “Arrrrrplications.” Etc. And when you’re all done, you don’t log out. You “Abandon Ship.”

Well done.

Update: Google’s also getting into Talk Like A Pirate Day, pointing out that each year searches spike for the term, and noting that “ye c’n set Pirate as yer preferred lingo usin’ th’ Likes an’ Dislikes page.”

Update 2: VentureBeat reports that FriendFeed and others are also joining in the revelry.

Tim O’Reilly is going to be pissed.