FriendFeed's New Design Is Live

FriendFeed has pushed out its new design to users. The lifestreaming service, which was beginning to get unwieldy, has been cleaned up. Friends lists are more customizable. Co-founder Bret Taylor explains in a blog post:

The new design offers friend lists to help you organize your subscriptions into groups. Now you can get updates from specific groups of people separately, or you can add an acquaintance to a list and remove them from your home feed.

Photos can be posted directly into your feed. The new design also detects duplicate links and articles from multiple friends, and only shows you the article once.

Before, the right hand column was cluttered with requests from friends to join them in special conversation “rooms” and groups. Now, all of that is thankfully hidden behind links in the left-hand pane. All that is left at the top right are three key navigation links that filter the best content from the last day, week, and month as determined by how many comments each entry has or ho many people “liked” it.

The design isn’t radically different. But it does rein in the chaos and reinforce the original concept of a simple feed for your entire online life.