iLike Music Platform Launches: Music Streaming Anywhere

Seattle based iLike just expanded their recent streaming music deal with Rhapsody to allow any website or web application to add streaming music to their sites. Integration is dead simple (I’ve done it below). A long list of partners launches with them, including Google, Evite, TypePad, SGN, Flixster, Watercooler, Connected Weddings, Slide and Mesmo TV.

The big hook here is that it’s dead simple for developers to add simple playlists to their apps. The music is served up via straight HTML and Javascript, not the usual Flash widgets. Listeners can create, edit and listen to playlists without any registration with iLike. The only limitations are those imposed by Rhapsody, which limit any individual to just 25 song listens per month. After that, they have to pay for a $13/month account.

If you want to add music to your site or application, more information is here.

Test It Out, Right Here, Right Now:

Here’s an embedded playlist with editing and add songs turned on. Have fun adding, removing and reordering the songs (but the Beastie Boys songs stay):

iLikeDisplayPlaylist({devKey: “dk016IKVQVGBPvZcG4KDA4jOBlUxmieOmZdYVaUY/j4LIVs=”, elId:”ilike_playlist”, playlistName: “techcrunch”, editMode: “edit”, maxSongs:”40″});

Loading playlist..

The screenshot below shows a compelling integration with movie social network Flixster – a site page for the movie Pulp Fiction that also has the soundtrack for the film: