Per Linked-in profile page, new iPhone ARM CPU in the works

Back when Apple scooped up PA Semi in April, most of us knew that the firm’s chips were going to make their way into next-gen iPhones, but Apple was mum on the subject. Not Wei-han Lien though; he posted his current project up on the social networking site, Linked-In, for the whole world to see Apple’s secret plans.

The Apple Senior Manager Chip CPU Architect (maybe not for long after this leak) quickly pulled the page indicating that he is developing the ARM cpu for the next iPhone instead of outsourcing a similar chip from Samsung like the current generation. By bringing the design in-house, the team can develop a specific ARM variant tailored specifically for the iPhone; or some super-secret device we don’t know about. Maybe now Apple can actually make a 3G iPhone that runs at 3G speeds and not just named, well, you know, 3G.

NYTimes via TUAW