EZ F824
Yashica Electro 35

Legendary camera brand Yashica comes back from the dead

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After getting bought in 1983 by Kyocera, which abandoned the brand name in 2005, Japan’s legendary camera maker Yashica makes an unexpected comeback. Tokyo-based Exemode [JP] will sell digital cameras,  camcorders and a digital photo frame under the Yashica brand starting October/November 2008.

The products are nothing special but targeted at older customers, Exemode is hoping the brand name evokes good memories.

The digital camera (EZ F824, pictured above) features 8 megapixel resolution, 3x zoom and a 2.4-inch LCD display. Some models will come with a higher resolutions (the EZ F1231, for example, is a 12 megapixel camera). The top camcorder is equipped with a 720p HD CMOS sensor. Exemode will also offer a digital photo frame with an 8.4-inch LCD panel (800×600 pixel resolution) .

Yashica developed the “Yashica Electro 35” the world’s first electromagnetic shutter camera, which went on sale in 1966. Exemode already launched a revamped Yashica web site [JP], but hasn’t said yet whether Yashica products will be ever available outside Japan as well.

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