500 Private Beta Invites For TC50 Startup OtherInbox

Want to keep all of your marketing offers (and spam) in a separate email account that is easy to manage? That’s the idea behind OtherInbox, a startup that launched at TechCrunch50. We have 500 invites for the private beta (get ’em while they last).

As we wrote during the company’s launch last week:

Otherinbox tries to solve the problem of email overload. According to the company, it believes that as more people sign up for newsletters, product updates, and countless other services that send emails, inboxes are getting inundated with extras that reduce efficiency.

To solve that problem, users can sign up for OtherInbox (it’s free) and create vanity email addresses for different services. So if you want to receive product announcements from Amazon via email, set up an OtherInbox account called “amazon@yourname.otherinbox.com” and only emails from Amazon will be sent to that address. The same can be done for any place you input email addresses.

When you open OtherInbox, it features folders from every site you signed up with the different emails in a left pane. Once you decide which you want to read, simply click on the email box and you can view all emails sent to that address.

. . . To block spam messages, OtherInbox uses a “block” button, which will then delete all the spam in a particular inbox and deactivate that address so you won’t get anymore spam.