Beta key giveaway: Newber, the location-aware second line for your iPhone

This week at CTIA, California’s FreedomVOICE launched Newber (a portmanteau of “New” and “Number”), a secondary business line product for the iPhone.

The idea isn’t too far from that of Google’s GrandCentral: One phone number that will always ring on the phone nearest you. GrandCentral’s means of pulling this off is a bit blind, dialing all your registered phone numbers en masse – so while it’ll ring the phone nearest you, it rings all the rest of’em, too. Newber, however, uses the iPhone’s GPS to figure out which line is the closest alternative, and lets you redirect all incoming Newber line calls to that number with just a click or two in the Newber iPhone application.

For more information and a shot at 1 of 15 beta keys, head over to MobileCrunch.