Moondance GLOW iPod dock from Altec Lansing

Maybe because its been a long week, or maybe because this really is cool, but either way the Moondance GLOW sounds awesome. The iPod docking station for the bedroom not only does all your standard alarm-clocking, iPod-playing and remote controller-ing, it also glows. Glowing music and a big ol’ pillow sounds pretty sweet right now.

The docking station comes complete with two 3” speakers. A built in FM tuner is incorporated along with an auxiliary input for a second audio source. A remote control is included for handling the FM radio, alarm, playlist and song navigation. Additionally, there is a snazzy looking wireless snooze remote… which I wanna hit now and go back to sleep.

Oh, but before this post makes me too tired, I should mention that the Altec Lansing Moondance GLOW (iM402) will be available October 2008 for $179.95 and is compatible with all docking iPod models.