August NPD numbers: Madden sells well (shocking!)


The August NPD numbers are out, and to no one’s surprise Madden NFL ’09 was the biggest seller of the month, with EA moving some 2.3 million units.

August is sorta a slow month for the video game industry, as folks enjoy the last throws of summer, spending less on hardware and software.

That said, as far as hardware goes, the Nintendo DS saw the most sales (518,300). Following that was the Wii (453,000), PSP (253,000), Xbox 360 (195,000, expect that number to jump in September following the price cut), PS3 (185,000) and PS2 (144,000). It’s simply stunning to see the PS2, nearly eight years old, still selling more than a few consoles.

Also, despite the pretty terrible reviews, Too Human for the Xbox 360 still cracked the top ten, coming in at eighth place (168,000).