Midway not too keen on European Xbox 360 sales


So it looks like Midway, the Chicago-based video game publisher, isn’t too pleased with Xbox 360 sales in Europe. Not that the company, by way of vice-president of International Martin Spiess, is ready to pull out of Europe or anything, but that lagging sales in some countries there are “concerning.”

Mr. VP notes that Sony and Nintendo seem to have a better grasp of the European market, saying that Microsoft is traditionally more U.S.-centric in its business dealings.

You know, I’ve read here and there that European gamers (and by that I mean continental gamers, not Britons) tend to be more about “casual” games à la the Wii. Seeing as though the Xbox 360, till now, at least, has definitely been more “hardcore,” should we really be surprised that Midway isn’t too pleased with what it sees?