App store passes 100,000,000 downloads

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Today is a crazy, crazy day in San Francisco. I’m at day 2 of TechCrunch 50, but John Biggs made his way over to Yerba Buena to live blog Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event.

Not a whole lot on the mobile front out of the event just yet, but Steve Jobs did mention that the iPhone/iPod Touch App store has now surpassed the 100 million download mark, demolishing the 60 million download mark they announced less than a month ago.

  • thought

    Nice, this looks like it has a lot of potential.

  • sundeep machado

    It seems a bit complicated.

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  • Ben Werdmuller

    The fact that it’s open source leaves it open to be used for all kinds of applications all over the place. I wonder how easy it would be to get it to work as a kind of internal Yahoo Pipes, integrating locally installed web applications in a simple way. The possibilities for education, to name one market that heavily uses open source tools, would be huge. (Could Jitterbit link WordPress MU and Blackboard? Moodle and Elgg?)

  • Dan Oxenburgh

    Ben, Jitterbit would connect those systems via their Web Services APIs, or in some cases LDAP. If you have the permissions, you could also connect directly to their databases.

  • johan vickworth

    I have tried Jitterbit and Pentaho for ETL and have found that Jitterbit has a very nice ez to use GUI for hierarchical data but Pentaho does not. Like Jitterbit’s ease. However, I am not sure, if Jitterbit is not fully mature. A simple xml output transformation of 80,000 rows of sqlserver data took way too long (2 minutes) on my 2 cpu windows box with nothing else running. Also, turning on threading/chunking actually didnt’ work. Finally, I felt that I am lacking the ‘full power’ of Pentaho when using Jitterbit like building arbitrary transformations on a canvas. Anybody else has any similar experiences?

    Don’t get me wrong – I like Jitterbit, but is it ready for the enterprise in terms of maturity, scalability, and transformation flexibility?


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