Spreadshirt founder creates new investment vehicle for European startups

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Some interesting and encouraging news coming out of Germany for early stage startups. Lukasz Gadowski, who founded Spreadshirt in 2002 and was the co-founder of the social network StudiVZ, today Germany’s largest website, is starting a new fund for startups.

Dubbed Team Europe, the company will take his existing portfolio of investments under Lakattack Ltd – which includes Brands4Friends among 50 other – in the new entity.

Gadowski said: “In Germany and Europe entrepreneurship is generally underdeveloped compared to for example the UK or the US. Also the financing ecosystem is comparatively immature. We want to change this and enable even more prospective entrepreneurs to develop their full potential.”

  • http://buzzpal.com/shop chrisco

    More excellent news for European startup scene. BTW, we use Spreadshirt for our t-shirts (link to shop from my name). A little expensive, but great quality and incredible customer service. Nice work!

  • http://www.techfruit.com Tim | TechFruit

    Yeah great news for Europe. I have been using Spreadshirt for our T-Shirts for a few years now and they have always been of good quality (and relatively cheap).

  • http://www.veedow.com Fabio

    Good news. Not very clear whether they want to position themselves (more angel, more VC or a bit of both depending on the opportunities?) but the more investors, the more savvy and supportive people around, the better for European startups.

  • http://www.veedow.com Fabio

    Amendment… *where* they want to position themselves, not whether… :)

  • http://www.adexcel.com Darren Lee

    Great stuff!! Congrats to those who get the money!

    We’d also launched our startup today, check us out at http://www.adexcel.com

    AdExcel is “The Ning for Advertising Networks with more juice in Socialized Ads”..

    Let us know what u think ;)


    Cofounder of AdExcel

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  • http://umadeup.com Vasya

    I wonder which countries are eligible for them

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