Spyshots of some Dell peripherals

Jason from Techware Labs seems to have gotten himself some private time with a new Dell keyboard and mouse and I have no idea whether or not these are worth posting, but maybe some of you periphery freaks will get a kick out of it.

A new Dell mouse seems to be a shot across the bow for Logitech. The text around the sensor reads “LaserStream Technology” which is a trademark used by Agilent Technologies, a company that sold laser technology to Logitech. The sensor appears identical to the one on the Logitech G-series (G3, G5, G7) which is a second-generation laser sensor maxing out at 2000 DPI or so.

This seems to be a direct potshot at the G3, having a similar shape; the Dell is arguably better for having an LED sensitivity indicator. I know the G5 has one, but the G5 is not ambidextrous. This looks like the best courtesy mouse I’ve ever actually seen, and I can see this raising the bar for OEMs regarding input peripherals.

The keyboard was of the short-throw type, with well-integrated media keys and volume wheel. It wasn’t the world’s best, but it was generally pleasant to type on. I know some of you hate short-throw keys on principle, but the rest of you should consider taking a look at these things – I expect them to be really good bang for the buck.