Screenshots And Video Of The New Joost

So much for Joost’s carefully prepared plans to release a browser version of their TV over IP service later this month. News leaked this morning that Joost would be abandoning their year old XUL based desktop client in favor of a browser based service that’s more like Hulu and YouTube. Users will still be required to download a plugin that facilitates P2P transfers of files, which is still an adoption hurdle. But at least users can watch videos directly in their browser.

Joost isn’t just moving to a browser format. They’re also creating a video based social network complete with Facebook-style activity streams that shows you friends what content you are watching, commenting on and “shouting” (see last screen shot above).

The new site, which is password protected, is at We’ve obtained screen shots of the service, below. We’ve also created a video which will be up shortly.

Update: Here’s a video demo of the new Joost