Laser-less mouse, possibly new Zunes from Microsoft on September 9

September, the month of announcements, or something!

Yeah, so it looks like Microsoft will announce a couple of hot, exciting products on September 9. This video, “Say Goodbye to Laser,” suggests that we’ll be seeing a new something or other, sans-laser. That something or other is actually a mouse.

So, a new mouse that doesn’t use a laser. Could be neat if it’s obviously better than current-gen mice.

September 9 will also see Microsoft usher in a new line of Web cams.

And, if we’re really lucky, the new Zune will make its appearance then, too. How wise that is to announce it on the same day as the new iPod, we’ll see. Maybe Microsoft has just completely thrown in the towel here? “No one’s gonna buy this anyway, so let’s announce it when people aren’t paying too much attention.”