From The Inbox: John S. Wants Us To Start Acting Like Journalists

From: “John S.”
Date: September 5, 2008 11:43:36 AM PDT
Subject: Celebrity Dating Network

How is it that Techcrunch will do countless stories on every idiotic widget created by countless 19 year olds who manage to get their uncles at some VC to fund it because they can back door money to each other yet you guys won’t cover something really interesting? Have you checked out Its the first dating service in the world that allows you to meet and date real celebrities as well as find people who bear a facial resemblance to the love of your life.

Start acting like journalists in search of a wider audience…lol. Crossing over into mainstream media will take more than a re-design of your website. You need to stop doing 50 stories a day about Google Chrome and step into the cool tech zone. We gave you a five day head start on Prove to us it wasn’t a mistake and write a story about it that gets picked up by the mainstream media.


Posting this purely for entertainment value, and to give TechCrunch readers a taste of what our inboxes look like every morning. I’m not a fan of the service, but as soon as I want to date “actual movie stars” or “ordinary people who resemble my ex” I’ll give it a whirl.

And a note to mainstream media and non-nepotistic venture funds who want to “step into the cool tech zone”: CelebrityDatingNetwork has arrived.

“Sometimes the best way to mend a broken heart is to find someone who looks just like your ex.”